Transforming the way financial regulatory authorities operate - made possible by generative AI and robotics process automation

As a solution provider, Regxelerator partners with financial regulatory authorities in accelerating their organizational performance and digital transformation agenda, blending expertise in generative AI and robotics process automation to design and implement novel solutions for the digital delivery of core regulatory and supervisory processes.


Recent advancements in generative artificial intelligence (AI) have marked a critical milestone in the evolution of technology. While powerful on its own, significant additional opportunities and value can be unlocked by combining generative AI with other technologies, including robotics process automation (RPA). Against this backdrop, Regxelerator is actively exploring opportunities that the combination of these technologies open up for financial regulators in accelerating their internal innovation and digital transformation agenda by augmenting their processes along the policy-making, licensing, supervision and enforcement continuum as well as with respect to other internal organizational processes. Read up on the latest insights and case studies here. All insights are backed up by technical proof-of-concepts to ensure their practical applicability.

Introduction: Generative AI & RPA Opportunities for Financial Regulatory Authorities
Use Case 1: Automating Qualitative Compliance Assessments
Use Case 2: Automating Regulatory Benchmarking Analysis (Interim Technical Paper)


Regxelerator prioritizes flexibility, client and outcome-orientation in its approach. It recognizes that authorities' needs are diverse and highly context-specific and will collaboratively work with clients to identify the most suitable solutions and tools, allowing for varying degrees of customization. Engagements typically involve an initial pilot/proof-of-concept stage during which the solution is tested at limited scale and under specific test parameters. Upon successful completion, Regxelerator remains available to assist authorities in the formal roll-out and/or scaling of the solution, as well as offers the option to support change management and other operationalization efforts.


Supervisory compliance assessment tool
Cognizant of the inherent challenges involved in carrying out supervisory compliance assessment, Regxelerator has developed a dedicated RPA and generative AI-powered supervisory compliance assessment tool. The tool performs a fully automated assessment of financial entities’ internal policies against defined qualitative regulatory standards and returns an evidence-based assessment report, highlighting compliant areas and deficiencies, along with actionable recommendations for supervisors. Operating at a level of quality and precision on par with that of a professional supervisor, the tool realizes 80%+ time savings. Its regulation neutral design, enables its applicationto different regulatory regimes.

Interested authorities are invited to test the tool in Regxelerator's digital test environment on the basis of synthetic entity policies. Request your access now via the inquiry form below.